Hi everyone. My name is Julie (hence, Jewels).  I started this blog chronicle my journey towards a healthier and happier, and more balanced life.  

I am here to find the jewel that is ME.


The purpose of Finding Jewels can be summed up in a quote by John Quincy Adams:

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”


About Me:

I live in the beautiful NYC.  I recently graduated in May 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance.  I am beginning an MBA Graduate Program in January 2010.  I am not really too sure what I want to do with my life…(hence, Finding) so I started this blog to write about my journey in discovering, embracing, and accepting my *TRUE* self in this BIG city!

My interests include…self-improvement, healthy living, fitness (running!), food (baking!), movies, dancing my little heart out, and fun!



I was born and raised in Queens, NY.  I attended Catholic grammar school and an all-girl high school.  My parents separated when I was 7 years old because my father was an alcoholic.  He was not abusive but still drank alot.  I was too young to fully understand the situation, but my mom put my older brother and me in therapy and “Ala-Teen” (alcoholic’s anonymous for young family members of alcoholics). Fortunately, my mom and dad reunited a year after the separation.  My dad has been sober ever since. Go, Dad! 😀

I was overweight my whole life (due to too much food and not enough activity!) Thankfully, I was never teased about my weight.  I half-heartedly attempted to lose weight a million times.  Most attempts were short lived.  During my sophomore year in college, something clicked and I was inspired to *really*  lose weight when my dorm roommate lost a significant amount of weight on Weight Watchers. 

I lost 60 pounds by eating a low calorie diet and exercising.  This soon warped into a major restrictive diet and overexercising.  I would not eat my mom’s (delicious) homecooked dinners. I couldn’t enjoy a fancy dinner out with my boyfriend.  I ditched my friends in order to go to the gym.  It was unhealthy disordered eating, and my body was suffering.  The “skinny” clothes and compliments kept me going.  Underneath it all, I was still so unhappy with my body;  the loose skin irritated me, and my strong thighs that endured running 5 miles a day were much “too big for my liking.”

Needless to say, it was too strict and certainly not a maintainable lifestyle for me.  I began waking up in the middle of the night to eat what I was lacking during the day.  It seemed like I couldn’t control the “night feasts.”  It was throwing a loop into my routine.  I spiraled into a depression and began binge eating.  Since then, I have re-gained a majority of the weight I originally lost.


This is me… Now … 

In the past few months, I have began incorporating normal amounts of exercise. I no longer binge eat.  I try to “eat intuitively,” eating when I’m hungry and until I’m satisfied.  It’s difficult because I still count calories. It’s the most difficult habit to break since I’ve done it everyday for about 3 years.  I plan to completely end this behavior by 2010. 

On a positive note, I’m now able to enjoy homemade cooking, restaurant meals, and treats without feeling deprived or guilty.  The most positive outcome of my ups and downs with eating/exercise has been my new found love for running.  It is the most amazing stress reliever and gives me immense mental clarity.  I love feeling being STRONG.

It is my ultimate goal to have inner peace with myself.

Thank you for reading. I’d appreciate any feedback. 😀





  1. Julie @savvyeats replied:

    Thanks for the follow on Twitter! I love your first post, and I’m going to add your blog to my blog reader so I can keep reading. Oh, and nice name 😉

    • findingthejewels replied:

      hi julie! love your name too, lol. 🙂 thanks so much for reading. i will be adding you to my blog reader also. ps. congrats on the 15K!!!!

  2. Cee (DietsNoMore) replied:

    Hey Julie, just discovered your blog and will definitely follow it in future. Your story is obviously your own, individual one yet it also sounds so familiar… It´s nice to know there are others out there going through the same experience of trying to sort out their relationship with food!
    I wish you all the best! And look forward to continue reading how you get on.
    Take care,

    • findingthejewels replied:

      HI Cee! Thank you. I’m glad I can find people who can relate. I’ll definitely follow your blog as well. It looks great 🙂

  3. Morgan replied:

    Great story. I love how honest you are. Counting calories is consuming, and there are goods and bads. Good luck with stopping! I’m glad you stopped by my blog, so now I can get to “know” you more!

  4. shell625 replied:

    I am so glad you found my blog and I can’t wait to follow yours! It’s great


  5. Mish replied:

    Keep up the great work. Thanks for inspiring me and keeping me on the straight the narrow!

    • findingthejewels replied:

      Mish, you inspire me with every post you write so thank you a million times!! ❤

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