Part 2: I Procrastinated Writing This!


How is everybody doing??? My old co-worker gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday! Here she is at 6lbs 12 oz:


(Excuse the poor image quality.  I took it with my BlackBerry without flash!)

Isn’t she precious!!?? What a blessing.

As promised, here are some fabulous tips on beating procrastination!!

Missed Part 1: I Procrastinated Writing This! ?

post its

Time Management

I sometimes struggle with time management.  I leave big, overwhelming projects to the last minute and FREAK OUT when I realize how much work I have to do in so little time.  It creates so much avoidable anxiety. 

When I was an undergraduate, studying for exams was the worst! I wouldn’t allot enough time for study sessions, stay up terribly late, wake up at an ungodly hour, and intensely overcaffeinate myself.  Tired + Stressed Jewels = Cranky + Snacky Jewels!  Not good!!

Now that I’m a soon to be graduate student, I have been working on beating my procrastination.  Although I just received the school’s request for immunization records and proof of NYS residency on Monday, I already got everything squared away today!  It’s a good feeling to scratch things off my To Do List.


One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to get organized. Make lists, take a class in organization, or purchase an organizer. Do whatever works for you.


  • Make a list of what needs to get done. Just writing/typing it out will surely reduce some stressI keep my To Do List saved on my BlackBerry so when the urge strikes, I whip it out and type tasks right in. 
  • Prioritize these. You might want to make deadlines.  Having deadlines may encourage you to work harder and more diligently since you know you have to get it completed. On the other hand, some people don’t work as well under pressure so they have to make sure they aren’t putting things off and doing things last minute when deadlines are a factor.
  • Use a calendar. I personally use my BlackBerry to keep all my dates in order.  (I swear I’m not working for BlackBerry, LOL)  You may wish to use a bound notebook and write in dates as you go. Post-Its might also work for you.  Make sure to separate short term commitments from long term ones to help you focus.
  • Divide large tasks it into smaller tasks. Let’s say I had to study 12 chapters for a final exam.  I would break it down to 1-2 chapters a day and make a good outline of each chapter, highlighting the key points.  My outlines helped me significantly!  Outlines can be written or typed up and are so much more portable than a big textbook or notebook. 

Sometimes, big projects are just too overwhelming to handle all at once.  Spread out smaller tasks over a period of time. Write this in your calendar with specific dates for accomplishing each. Include your deadline for completion of this task on your calendar as well.

  • Be careful to not overbook yourself and allow plenty of time for delays. This is CRUCIAL! Assume that there’s always going to be some kind of setback, whether it is minor or major.  Allotting time for said setbacks could save you from missing deadlines.  Even if there are no setbacks, you will finish project before deadline and may have enough time for a glass of wine!  You’ll feel confident that you can accomplish all you need to in the time you have.  Relax and work on one item at a time without feeling you have to do it all at once.



So, what are YOUR beat procrastination tips??

Do you prefer paper and pen to jot down your To Do List and add notes to your Calendar?




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Part 1: I Procrastinated Writing This!





Thanks so much for your positive feedback on my first post.

I really appreciate it. 😀

Anyway…today, I took a BIG step!

I confirmed my acceptance into graduate school. Now, I have to get down with all the nitty gritty paperwork–immunizations, proof of residency, and registration–OH MY! :-O

I’m getting my Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA).  I majored in Finance as an undergrad, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to pursue that field any further.  I’m more of a “creator.”  I’d love, love, LOVE to open my own business one day. It’s my dream!  I really admire Angela at Oh She Glows.  She ditched her tiring corporate job and opened her very own healthy (and successful!) bakery.  She’s my inspiration. Thanks, Angela!!!


A quote to live by:


“Go for it NOW.  The future is promised to NO ONE.” – Wayne Dyer


Often, we procrastinate doing certain things. We wait until the “perfect moment.”  We have to realize the perfect moment is  N-O-W!  We put it off until we feel like we are enough…ready enough, confident enough, and good enough. 


Listen up, bloggies!!!

You are MORE than good enough.  You are YOU right now–a human being with an amazing future ahead of you…if you would just EMBRACE it.  Pursue what you’ve always wanted to pursue.  Don’t wait to lose 10 pounds, don’t wait ’til the weather gets warm, and DEFINITELY don’t wait until YOU are “good enough.” 


Which style of procrastination fits YOU?


  • Organizing thoughts and actions and keeping on track with plans is difficult. (People with ADD/ADHD may fall into this category.)
  • Tasks seem overwhelming so it’s futile to even try.
  • Hostile feelings towards someone cause you to want to punish them by putting things off.
  • Routine and schedule causes you to feel rebellious.
  • You fear disapproval.

These procrastination styles can overlap in one of four themes:


Self-Doubt – These people feel there are RIGID standards about how thing ought to be done and they fear they will fail. They second-guess themselves and delay taking action.


Discomfort Dodging – This person avoids activities that will cause them distress, discomfort or anxiety. Rather ironically, the act of dodging the activity doesn’t make it go away so tensions mount because of this avoidance.


Guilt-Driven – The person feels guilt over tasks undone, but rather than correct the original lack of action continues to procrastinate in order to not face up to the guilt feelings.


Habitual – The person has procrastinated so many times, it becomes an ingrained response. The person no longer thinks about why they do it, they feel it’s just a part of themselves. It becomes an automatic response to say, “This is too hard”, “I’m too tired”, or to laugh it off as a character flaw.


Ok, ladies and gents.  Tune in tomorrow for Part 2 of  “I Procrastinated Writing This!”


Get ready for:

  • Tons of helpful ideas on BEATING procrastination
  • Time management tips
  • How I personally overcome my inclination to procrastinate
  • And more!


So, tell me.   

Do you fall into the 4 themes of procrastination? 

What have you been procrastinating? 

Are you going to dive in… and JUST DO IT???

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You Know You Want To Judge Me!

judgment-counterjudgmentHi everyone!

Today’s post is very appropriate as Fat Talk Free Week is coming to a close. Check out the video—it has a wonderful message.

It’s about JUDGMENT.



Let’s face it. We judge. Not only others, but we judge ourselves as well. These are some of the ways I judge:


“Wow, that woman really shouldn’t be wearing such a revealing, tight blouse.”

“Oh, my God! I’m so fat that I can’t even zip up these pants anymore!”

“They are too conceited and obnoxious. Who do they think they are?”

“If only I was more ambitious, I could be making more money right now.”


As you can see, most of these judgments are negative and are putting someone down. Honestly, I do see myself as a positive and optimistic person. But when I think about all the negative judgments that go through my head in a day, it makes me second guess myself.


Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s all about to change!!!


Nothing will stop a judgment but the AWARENESS that it is indeed a judgment. In Geneen Roth’s book Breaking Free from Compulsive Eating, she states, “When I tell myself I’m fat, my response is to eat more, not less.” How true is this? Negative thoughts only bring on more negative behavior.

Judgments alone do not lead to change. Change can only happen if we actively participate in our lives. The process of mentally, emotionally, and physically joining ourselves on this journey will create awareness.

We have to learn HOW to work with our judgments so that we don’t continually live in REACTION to them.

TRY THIS! Write a list of negative judgments that you have. Then for every judgment, write a positive counter judgment.

For example, here’s my list:



Just writing it out is very therapeutic. Try to challenge your judgments with your counter judgments anytime you feel the urge to judge.


Instead of living passively in reaction to our judgments, it is time for us to take control and have a positive attitude. You can train your mind to think positively. After a while, it will be natural. A positive attitude causes a CHAIN REACTION of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a CATALYST…a spark that creates extraordinary results!


Do you have awareness when you judge? Have you tried the “Judgment—Counter Judgment list”? Did it work for you?

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